Glass sculptures in the catacombs of the second temple in Jerusalem/IL

The Western Wall – or Wailing Wall – in the historic center of Jerusalem is 48 meters long and 18 meters high. A unique project has now been realized in a tunnel system beneath the Jewish sanctuary.

Israeli artist Jeremy Langford has created eight sculptures made of fire-polished glass, the largest being nine meters high and weighing 15 tons.

The sculptures reflect the history of Israel. Since the location is highly sensitive from a cultural and religious point of view, Jeremy Langford had to adopt a careful approach: the result is a series of glass columns that symbolize but do not depict biblical figures.

Hebrew script etched into the columns incorporates the teachings of the Jewish Kaballa. Continuously changing lighting in the columns together with different lighting techniques make for an awesome and exciting installation in the tunnels.

The history of Israel is told through the artistic application of light and the different facets of glass.

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