The new Israeli Consulate in Munich

Press Release 12/11/15

The new Israeli Consulate in Munich was opened in the heart of the area of Hitler’s Nazi Party headquarters.

Jeremy Langford, a designer and internationally renowned glass artist and sculptor has created monumental artwork at the site.

November 10, 2015, Kristallnacht, the new Israeli consulate in Munich was opened under the auspices of Deputy FM Tzipi-Hotovely, the Bavarian Prime minister Horst Seehofer and government ministers. The building is situated between the “Brown House” (NSDAP headquarters) and the Fuererbau, Hitler’s offices in Munich, at the back of the former supreme court of the Nazi party.

Jeremy Langford was commissioned to create the artwork for the front façade of the building- a 12 meter high external elevator shaft. He decided to use the artwork to explore the history and connection of over 1700 years of Jewish presence in Germany. Some of Judaism’s most important cultural and religious scholars have been Germans and in the last centuries there have been world renowned Jewish Germans in science, the arts, mathematics, philosophy, medicine and so much more.

Dr. Dan Shaham, the Israel Consulate General in Munich – “I was deeply moved by the work and its capacity to integrate meaningful information with intense visual motives. It's presence brings back Jewish and Israeli spirit to the historical location from which they were driven out”.

Jeremy relates to the events of the past century as a background to be acknowledged- and from which now can spring forth a new growth, a new present, a new future.
About the work Jeremy says- “Israel and Germany now have a special relationship. I decided therefore to go back, deep into our common past. This work explores this and is, I pray, a beacon to a better future, for both our nations… and mankind….. “.

About the Artist:
Jeremy Langford is an internationally acclaimed designer, glass artist and sculptor.
He has created monumental glass sculptures at the Generations Center under the Kotel (the Western Wall in Jerusalem) and recently completed a towering glass installation at the new Waldorf Astoria hotel in Jerusalem. His work is showcased in some of Israel’s most important buildings as well as private residences, public buildings and synagogues around the world. He also recently completed sculptures for Donald Trump’s new buildings in Miami.

His work can be viewed at
Photography: Munich Israel Consulate.
To contact or interview the artist – Tel. +972- 54 770 4045 In Israel 054- 770 40 45.

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