Waldorf Astoria

“Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem” Psalms 122:6

A  sculpture of Peace In Jerusalem’s Waldorf Astoria

Artist: Jeremy Langford

The artist uses the verse “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem” as a  symbol of world peace. “Peace in Jerusalem, amongst the world’s three monotheistic faiths, would presage peace around the planet”.

The sculpted walls - created from deeply carved, kiln fired and acid etched glass – show a symbolic Jerusalem, based on the reality of the spiritual traditions of the city.   

The Chandelier, blown by the artist in the Czech Republic, is a succession of spiraling doves, descending through a controlled change of color to the globe in the reflective pool below

  After two years work on this complex project Jeremy Langford recently installed in the hotel  an epic glass sculpture made to symbolize the prayer and desire for peace in the world’s holiest city.

The brief  was a creative challenge- To have the piece feel imbued with the spirituality of Jerusalem , while having universal values. To achieve this Jeremy used the verse  “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem” (Psalm 122:6) – A verse that readily expresses a universal spirituality in that the prophets see Jerusalem as a center projecting peace throughout the world. It speaks of a dichotomy in time, contrasting the strife and division of Jerusalem today to hopes for the future, of an ideal and peaceful world center, radiating peace for all peoples.

 The artwork is made of a number of different sections, expressing a complete whole- massive, thick sculpted glass walls showing scenes from Jerusalem  in an amalgamation of the physical Jerusalem and its spiritual ideal.  The expanse of the project is from the ground floor lobby, extending down three stories to the ballroom, adjacent to the grand staircase. When the work is seen from the lobby, viewers are able to look down into it as if peering into a deep, mysterious well enveloped in the glowing cast glass around it.  At the center of the pool is a sculpted glass and metal globe. This creates a visual interaction between the globe of Earth set in the pool of water reflecting Jerusalem and the spiral of 120 colored glass doves descending down to the globe below. 

 The Fabrication process

Part of the work was created in the artist studio in Israel and involved a team using a multi-disciplinary set of artistic skills utilizing cast glass, glass carving, and engraving. The other part of the project, the glass chandelier was created by Jeremy in the Czech Republic.

   Artist’s statement-

“View this work, observe the artwork, the pool below…you may catch a glimpse of yourself. When capable of peering into our own inner pool, deep and dark … something can be moved there… within. World peace, a dream at present, can only happen when each individual knows to live with his own inner peace and thus at peace with his surroundings and environment…”

Jeremy Langford 2014


About the Artist:

Jeremy Langford (Born London, 1956) has created glass artwork and monumental sculptures at venues around the world. He has created glass sculptures for other major hotels, including Donald Trump’s International Towers in Miami & the Miami Four Seasons.  His most notable project in Israel is the series of nine monumental glass sculptures at the Generations Center by the Kotel, the Western Wall. He is currently creating a sculptures and stained glass for a number of high end residences in Israel and Los Angeles.

His work can be viewed at www.jeremylangford.com

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